Student Association

Jie Kon Sieuw Tong Hok Wui 余官秀同學會

Welcome to the Jie Kon Sieuw Student Association (Jie Kon Sieuw Tong Hok Wui (余官秀同學會). We have dedicated this site to promoting, preserving, practice, teaching, research of Pak Mei Kungfu (白眉功夫).

In 1976 the late sifu Jie Kon Sieuw (余官秀) opened his Pak Mei Pai Chinese Martial Arts School (白眉派武館). The Chinese Martial Art of Pak Mei Kungfu as taught by sifu Jie Kon Sieuw is being taught in the Netherlands, Belgium and United States.

Portrait of Jie Kon Sieuw

After sifu Jie Kon Sieuw passed away in 2001 his Dutch students continued his teachings at his Amsterdam school. A new association was founded and on advise of the Pak Mei family in Tai Kei Leng Yuen Long Hong Kong (大旗嶺元朗香港) the new name became "Jie Kon Sieuw Tong Hok Wui" (余官秀同學會). The Jie Kon Sieuw Student Association is teaching Pak Mei from the heritage of sifu Jie Kon Sieuw and is in this way promoting and preserving his Pak Mei and of the Lee family. The Jie Kon Sieuw Student Association has a experienced lions dance team (舞獅) that is participating in many demonstrations. The lion dance team is every year present during the Chinese New Year (過年) celebrations. Also at traditional Chinese festivities like weddings or the opening of shops the lion dance team can frequently be seen.